Traffic Tickets Is Criminals Violations

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Traffic Ticket Attorney Miami, Florida - Theodore Enfield

traffic ticket lawyer florida

Caught in red light violations , seat belt violation or any traffic ticket case? If you drive in Florida there’s always a chance that you may receive a traffic ticket . A Florida traffic ticket conviction not only costs money, it can mean points on your driving record and higher insurance rates. Putting it off only makes matters worse – and more expensive

Theodore H. Enfield, one of the best traffic tickets lawyers in Miami, Florida offers consultations and services on traffic offenses in Florida. 30+ years experience in handling traffic court cases and criminal violations makes him best among other traffic ticket attorneys for any traffic court cases and violations such as speeding, running a red light, having an expired license, and distracted driving.

Our office knows the technicalities of traffic laws.
IF YOUR LICENSE HAS BEEN suspended or revoked, we may able to help
you get it back.

  • avoid points
  • avoid traffic school
  • avoid expensive fines
  • avoid court appearances

  • avoid revocation or suspension of your license